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Lynk | Cuff Protective Foam


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Lynk | Clic Head


Explorer | Pinch Module


Lynk | Cuff


Lynk | Hook Module


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Lynk | Clic Module


Lynk | Cover (for Cuff)


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The Lynk Cuff - user friendly

A lightweight and user friendly cuff for the forearm. Adaptable to your arm. Check the cuff-arm interface with the help of macu4 or a specialist. Simple and time-saving method to determine the correct product size.
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Three relevant benefits


The system offers a high level of comfort due to its light weight and pleasant surface texture. The cuff weighs between 70 g and 130 g depending on the configuration.


Opening and closing the cuff is very intuitive. The magnet-based closure system makes this a breeze.

Cost efficient

The cuff is designed to be configured and manufactured in a resource-efficient way. At the same time, the same system can be used with multiple modules.

Information for specialists

The cuff is optimally customisable to the individual arm, thanks to the basic design, the choice of available sizes and the option to use it with Velcro or lacing system. To make the cuff even more individual, it can be configured in colour according to taste. For complete personalisation, the professional can create a customised cuff and use the Lynk interface.


The cuff is a passive functional component and has been designed to be used for different applications to meet different needs.

CE-marked accessory

The cuff is available in different sizes and is CE marked. Manufacturing and risk management are carried out within the framework of MDR specifications and ISO 13485.

Flexible in use

With the same cuff you can always discover new activities and adapt it to individual needs. The coupling mechanism makes the system flexible to use.
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The Lynk System

A new way to configure a hand orthoprosthesis and use it for a wide range of activities - applicable for children and adults
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