Advantages Lynk System


The Lynk System weighs < 216 g and is therefore much lighter than conventional orthoprostheses. Depending on the configuration, the weight of one module is between 30 g and 90 g.

Cost efficient

With a smart design and 3D printed products, it is a system that is comparatively cost-effective. At the same time, the simplified measurement optimises the time required.


With the same system you can always discover new activities and adapt it to individual needs. The coupling mechanism makes the system flexible to use.

For whom is the Lynk System suitable

Suitable if you have a wrist and are looking for either support for the gripping function or a prosthetic replacement of the hand function.

You already have a cuff or forearm orthosis?

The Lynk modules are always compatible with a custom-made cuff if the Lynk interface has been used. We recommend that you check this with your prosthetist before purchasing modules.
to the modules

What activity are you in the mood for?


Lynk System

In an orthoprosthesis, components of a prosthesis are combined with components of an orthosis. An orthosis is an orthopaedic device for stabilizing, relieving, immobilizing, guiding or correcting limbs. A prosthesis is an orthopaedic aid that attempts to partially or completely replace a bodily function.
The hand orthoprosthesis consists of a cuff, an adapter and various activity modules. The modules can be easily exchanged depending on the activity.
The Lynk system can be used for people who suffer from a one-sided restriction of the hand due to paralysis, muscle weakness, injury or joint stiffness. It can also be used if the hand or fingers are completely or partially missing. The system is suitable for people aged 2 and over. For very young users, we recommend clarifying with the parents and doctor whether the child can actually obtain the desired benefit from the aid. The basic version of the Lynk system (without the cuff top) is also more suitable for very young users.
The Lynk system can be tested for a fee. Please contact the macu4 support team.
This must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. However, the cuff and components that come into contact with the palm of the hand can always be fitted with additional padding. When using the Lynk system, pressure forces are always transferred directly to the forearm, which protects the wrist. If you are unsure, please contact us so that we can find a comfortable solution together.
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