Explorer | Pinch Module

The Pinch module allows smaller and lighter objects to be clamped between the module fingers, e.g. cutlery, paper, etc. It is available in one size, with integrated ball joint and quick release, flexible fingers and with or without length compensation.

Lynk | Clic Head

The Clic module is offered with different Clic Heads to support the user in a range of activities that may require different levels of rotation of the Clic Head. For some users, it is useful to purchase additional Clic Heads to keep them permanently attached to objects (e.g. a broomstick or bicycle handle).

Lynk | Clic Module

The Clic Module enables quick connection and disconnection to or from handles / poles on which the matching Clic Head is mounted. It is wonderfully suitable for activities such as cycling, scooters, in the household for the use of a broom. It is available in one size with 3 modular head variants.

Lynk | Push Module

The Push Module supports activities where a grip needs to be fixed and pressure needs to be applied. It is a good companion when you need crutches, but also works for activities like archery. The force is transmitted directly to the forearm and not to the wrist. It is available in one size and has a Velcro closure.