Explorer socket - visualise here in 3D

An interactive, parametric 3D model of the Explorer socket. A new approach to producing personalised designs quickly and at lower cost. Visualised with the help of the ShapeDiver Viewer. The socket design is customised to the user's arm geometry, with a rotationally symmetrical design.

Using the configurator

The Explorer socket model shown is an example to explain how the shape of the macu4 Explorer socket is created and what the rotationally symmetrical socket design looks like. The 3D Viewer only shows a limited selection of socket geometries, as the parameter values are intentionally restricted.

You can enter the desired parameters in the right-hand field to get a first impression of the Explorer socket. Please note that the standardised adaptation of the design is a rotationally symmetrical design adapted to the measurement data.

In order to improve the display in the web browser and make it responsive, we accept that some parameter combinations may lead to errors. However, this does not affect the main objective of illustrating our approach.
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Advantages for the workflow

The Explorer System illustrates how macu4's Design-as-a-Service approach increases workflow efficiency, introduces a user-centred customer journey and provides added value to users through the features of the end product.

Reliably customised

A personalised socket design that recreates the arm geometry rotationally symmetrically using just a few measured values. The measurement is carried out in two steps: recording the arm stump geometry (scan or photo) and the arm length difference.

Modular approach

The modularity of the product increases the efficiency of workflows by minimising the need for customisation and offering many application options.

Configurable online

Configure the system in three simple steps! Step 1: Capture arm geometry (photo technology or scan). Step 2: Determine product components. Step 3: Select colour combination.

Any questions?

We look forward to hearing from you. Use the contact form on our website or take a look at the FAQ - there are already many questions and answers there.
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