The Lynk Hand Orthoprosthesis

A concept where we combine a 3D-printed product system with a template-based approach to measurement and online configuration.
Measurement Instructions

Benefits for the care provision

Lynk products are characterised by their light weight and options for padding, which provides a high level of comfort. The system is highly modular to give users and professionals the flexibility to customise their uses and applications. This allows users to adapt the products to their specific needs and use them in a variety of ways.

Reliable cost planning

By ready-to-use sizes of sizes of the Cuff, a reliable cost planning is made possible. Thanks to standardised process steps in the case of the use of the Lynk interface, an efficient and smooth production of customised cuffs is also made possible.

CE-marked accessory

The modules are accessories of a forearm cuff and CE-marked. Manufacturing and risk management are carried out within the framework of the MDR specifications and ISO 13485.

Flexible adaptable

The modules and the adapter are equipped with a specific interface. This allows the modules to be used with the Lynk cuff or with the Lynk cuff interface as accessories.

Using the system components flexibly

The modularity of the product makes it possible to supply different user profiles with the same system.

Use only the Lynk modules?

The modules are equipped with a specific interface. This allows the modules to be used with the Lynk cuff or with the Lynk interface (semi-finished product).
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Benefits for the workflow

The Lynk system is an example of how the modular design approach expands the range of use cases for different indications, introduces a user-centred customer journey and provides added value to users through the features of the final product.

Reliable cuff sizes

In the event that an individual fitting is not required due to arm shape, fabric condition and desired activity, pre-assembled cuff sizes can be used. The measurement is done with the help of a measurement template, which allows for easy and accurate determination of the appropriate size.

Modular approach

The modularity of the product allows the Lynk modules to be used with a cuff made by the professional when using the Lynk Interface.

Configurable online

Configure the system in three simple steps: Step 1: Determine the appropriate size with the measurement template. Step 2: Determine product components. Step 3: Select colour combination.

Helpful documents

Select helpful documents for preparation, measurement and installation (e.g. for the Lynk interface) from the download area. The documents provide detailed information about the Lynk system.
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Any questions?

We are looking forward to your message. Use the contact form on our website or take a look at the FAQ - there are already many questions and answers there.
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