Precise arm measurement made easy

Measure your arm easily and accurately with our innovative template-based measurement guide
Measurement Instructions

Want to choose the right Cuff size? No problem!

In preparation for determining the appropriate cuff size, you should have the following available: Printer and white A4 paper, credit card sized card to validate the artwork.

Preparations - What you should do beforehand:

Download the template from macu4 in PDF format. Print the template in original size or at 100% scale, either in black and white or color. Place the map in the space provided on the template to ensure that it has been printed correctly.

Steps 1 and 2 - Circumference of the Cuff

Make sure that the center of your wrist is on the logo and your arm is relaxed on the template. Look at which color segment appears to the right and left of your arm. The color segment shows you one of the available cuff sizes (S, M, L).

Step 3 - Determine the length of the Cuff

Determine the position of your elbow. This will show you which cuff length is required. If your arm is between the two dotted lines, you need the SHORT length. If your arm is below the second dotted line, you need the STANDARD length.

Your documents

Use the following documents for measuring and inform in detail about everything to do with the Lynk system.

Any questions?

We look forward to hearing from you. Use the contact form on our website or take a look at the FAQ - there are already many questions and answers there.
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