Cycling - healthy and fun on the road

Who wasn't thrilled as a child when the first bike appeared on the doorstep?! Whether it's to get from A to B faster, for spinning or cross-country and down the hill, a bike is almost part of the basic equipment. The macu4 Module is the perfect companion.

These modules make it possible

The Bike Module enables safe coupling to various handrails such as a bicycle, scooter, lawn mower or shopping trolley. It is available in one size, with integrated joint, rotation function, flexible strap and can be configured with or without length compensation.

Two systems for individual requirements

Life is colourful, life is versatile and everyone enjoys it in their own way. The Explorer and Lynk systems are as unique as you are. The macu4 systems support you in a functional way in your free time and in everyday situations.

Explorer - your comfortable forearm prosthesis

Suitable if you do not have a wrist and you are looking for a prosthetic replacement of the forearm.
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Lynk - your comfortable hand ortho-prosthesis

Suitable if you have a wrist and you are looking for either a prosthetic replacement or support for gripping function.
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What the macu4 community says

Be inspired here by people who use macu4 systems in their own unique way. Some as a replacement for their forearm or hand, others to get support for the limited gripping function of their hand.
Thanks to the bike module, Karl can now adopt a much more upright position when cycling. This significantly relieves the strain on his back.
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