We are committed to Ukraine

Together with the EnableMe Foundation, we have launched a moving initiative: the prosthesis sponsorship programme. Our heart beats for helping people in Ukraine who are in urgent need of prosthetic care. With the Explorer or Lynk system, we want to give these people a new perspective. The EnableMe Ukraine Foundation is focussed on helping people with an urgent need for prosthetic care.
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Our value proposition

We are committed to serving the people of Ukraine with integrity, compassion and innovation. Our values are rooted in a deep commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of the people in our community. We believe in the importance of accessibility, affordability and quality in orthopaedic care.


Providing comfortable prosthetic solutions with lightweight and breathable products.


Provide prosthetic solutions remotely in a time-saving and uncomplicated manner despite personalisation.


Using a very modular product system to support people on their way to mobility and independence.

The initiative & milestones

Find out more about the milestones we have already achieved and those planned here.
We signed a partnership agreement between macu4 and EnableMe Ukraine in January 2024. The initiative will start end of March 2024 with the announcement of the commitment via the foundation's communication channels.
The EnableMe Ukraine Foundation is responsible for publicising the initiative in Ukraine. It provides an online registration form that interested persons can use.
The Explorer System and Lynk System may be suitable for different user profiles. Nevertheless, our systems cannot fulfil all individual requirements. For this reason, applications are examined on the basis of individual requirements and a decision is then made as to whether one of our systems can provide the desired benefit.
The Explorer system is a passive functional forearm prosthesis and is suitable if a person is affected in the forearm area. It is personalised using measurement data from the forearm and the opposite arm. The system is suitable for both children (especially from the age of 4) and adults. The Lynk system is a passive functional orthoprosthesis and is suitable if a person is affected in the wrist area or the grasping function of the hand. The system is suitable for both children and adults.
Once an orthoprosthetic aid has been made available, it is important to carry out a post-market follow-up. The aim here is to ensure that users are using the product correctly, that the product is comfortable to wear and that there are no complications.
The initiative is currently supported exclusively by the two partners. macu4 is, however, looking for further supporters. Do you know someone? Then get in touch with us.

How can the macu4 solutions support you and others?

Be inspired by people who use a macu4 solution in their own unique way. Some as a replacement for their forearm or hand, others to support the limited gripping function of their hand.
You will probably see the first impressions of our initiative here from autumn 2024.

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Be inspired by our joint initiative. Here you will find short reports and case studies.
Press release | March 2024
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We look forward to hearing from you. Use the contact form on our website or write to us at support@macu4.com
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