Application of the Lynk System

Read about the correct use of Lynk components and follow the safety instructions to avoid mistakes.

Lynk Cuff and Cover

This is how you use the Lynk Cover

The Cover is equipped with a lacing system (Cuff + Cover). It transfers the force application more evenly to the forearm than the standard equipment (Velcro closure).
see explanation video

Lynk Modules

This is how you use the Hold Module

Clamp and fixate smaller and lighter objects between the module clamp of the Hold Module. It is a great support for holding cutlery, kitchen utensils, as well as other cylindrical objects and their processing.
see explanation video

This is how you use the Hook Module

For activities where something needs to be carried, pulled or pushed away. It is a good companion when carrying a bag, pulling a suitcase or exercising in the gym. The force is transferred to the forearm and not the wrist.
see explanation video

Helpful documents

Use the following documents for preparation, measurement and installation. The documents provide detailed information on everything to do with the Lynk system.

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