Application of the Explorer System

Read about the correct use of Explorer components and follow the safety instructions to avoid mistakes. The explanation videos serve as additional support material.

Explorer Socket and Ring

This is how you use the Explorer Ring

The Explorer Ring allows you to easily attach and detach various Explorer modules to your Socket and bring them into the desired orientation.
see explanation video

Explorer Modules

This is how you use the Ball Module

An aid in certain ball sports, for example, to pick up a ball from the ground, hold it or throw a ball. Available in two sizes and configurable with and without length compensation.
see explanation video

This is how you use the Pinch Module

Clamp smaller and lighter objects between the module fingers such as cutlery, paper, etc. Available as one size fits all, with integrated ball joint and flexible fingers.
see explanation video

This is how you use the Twin Module

For activities where a bar, handles, ropes, or straps are to be fixed to perform movements with tensile / compressive forces. Available in two sizes, swivel head adjustable.
see explanation video

This is how you maintain your System

Learn more about the care of your Explorer system here. See the user manual and the Explorer specific FAQ for important recommendations.
see explanation video

Any questions?

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