Pure flexibility

A wide range of options for everyday life, leisure, or sport with lightweight, comfortable and stylish aids

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Two systems, many possibilities

With the macu4 Explorer and Lynk systems, you can explore the world in your own unique way. The Explorer forearm prosthesis and the Lynk hand orthoprosthesis are designed so that you can concentrate fully on having fun. They are lightweight, breathable, affordable and individually tailored to your needs.
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Two systems for individual requirements

Life is colourful, life is versatile and everyone enjoys it in their own way. The Explorer and Lynk systems are as unique as you are. The macu4 systems support you in a functional way in your free time and in everyday situations.

Explorer - your comfortable forearm prosthesis

For the forearm - replacement of the forearm in case of an existing elbow
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Lynk - your comfortable hand ortho-prosthesis

For the hand - replacement and support of the gripping function
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You are unsure which system suits you better?

Looking for the right product? On the activity pages you will be informed about which system component is recommended for which purpose. You are unsure whether one of the two systems could be suitable for you? Then contact us.

The current favourite modules of the macu4 community

The macu4 systems are thoughtfully designed and optimised with your support. To make it as easy as possible for you, the Explorer and Lynk systems are modular. In the configuration process you are guided step by step until your perfect companion is created. Let's go - enjoy the variety!
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