Household & cleaning - sparkling clean with aid

Whether you're sweeping or mopping the floor, when you're doing the housework you're focused on making sure you can get everywhere easily. With the macu4 module, you can make cleaning more pleasant.

These modules make it possible

The Explorer Twin Lynk Clic module supports activities in which a bar or handles need to be fixed in order to perform movements with tensile or compressive forces.

Two systems for individual requirements

Life is colourful, life is versatile and everyone enjoys it in their own way. The Lynk and Explorer systems are as unique as you are. Expand your capabilities and enjoy the passive functional support the macu4 solutions offer to you for your leisure time and in everyday situations.

Lynk | Your comfortable hand device

Suitable if you have a missing hand and need a forearm prosthesis | Support during bi-manual activities.
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Explorer | Your comfortable forearm device

Suitable if you have a complete or partial hand | Support or replace the gripping function.
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How do the macu4 solutions support you and others?

Be inspired by people who use a macu4 solution in their own unique way. Some as a replacement for their forearm or hand, others to get support for the limited gripping function of their hand.
Lynk System | In addition to the Clic module, Lynk System | Martin also uses the Push module to sweep the floor. This tool makes sweeping an effortless task. It makes this type of work more pleasant and time-saving.
Explorer System | Tim uses the Twin Module to clean. This useful tool enables him to mop the floor effortlessly or pick up dirt from the floor.
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