We are macu4!

We are making low tech smart by developing a new approach for innovatively underserved areas each time. By “approach” we mean the combination of business model, design automation, customer centricity and cost efficiency.

These are the founders of macu4.

What we love about our work is the smiles on the faces of people who use our products, and we are fascinated by the greetings and videos we receive. At the same time, we are fascinated by the idea of making a difference and contributing to healthcare.

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Dr. Myriam Lingg

CEO, Co-Founder


Myriam has 15 years track record in the medical device industry as an international manager in product management and distribution. She is well experienced in project management, stakeholder relations & leading teams.

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Lukas Schiller

CTO, Co-Founder


Lukas has a strong track record in Biomedical Engineering of passive prostheses, mass customization and usability testings with end-users. He invented a software approach for automated customization of a passive arm prosthesis.

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Alec Chevrot

Engineer, Co-Founder


Alec is a Biomedical Engineering student at EPFL. During his studies, he has developed a passive functional arm prosthesis for a kid with forearm deficiency and is leading member of Hackahealth.

These are the advisors of macu4.

We are very grateful that so many lovely people believe in macu4. We are supported by various subject matter experts who donate their time and assist us in the areas of quality management, contracting, marketing & software engineering.

Dr. Ingo Rembitzki

Ingo Rembitzki

Clinical Affairs

Ingo has many years of experience in clinical and research activities in leading positions (e.g. Ottobock and Össur). He is managing director of Physio X Clinics GmbH and the Löwenbrücke Foundation.



Dr. Dietmar Röttger

Dr. Dietmar Röttger

Quality Management

Dietmar has more than 20 years of experiences in large corporations and worked as Vice President Quality & Operational Excellence at GE & Alstom. He has profound experience in budgeting, operations, quality management & leading teams.

Katharina Apitius

Katharina Apitius

Sales & Business Development

Katharina has more than 20 years of experience in sales and business development in medical technology. She is Head of Sales EMEIR (Europe, Mid East, India, Russia) of Heraeus Medical.

Tanja Lepple

Tanja Lepple


Tanja has more than 15 years finance experience reaching from international external and internal audits in multinational companies. She works at Schindler Elevator Ltd. (CH) as Director Finance, Order Management Center EU, and After Sales.