Arch shooting – your activity?

Whether playful or professional sport, it’s all about precision. Archery is a quiet sport that requires above all good coordination skills, patience, mental strength and enjoyment.

Your activity. Your style

Get inspired by other users’ impressions and experiences while arch shooting with their macu4™ Explorer System.

Lukas is a macu4™ Explorer Twin User and 8 years old.

I was able to try archery for the first time with the module and it worked great. The important thing is the stable grip on the bow handle.

Experience reports from users.

It’s not so much about the macu4™ Explorer System, but what it does for you. Learn more about what other users have experienced and how the macu4 Explorer module was developed.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

For the Twin module, it was important that it could be used in as many different ways as possible. For this purpose, we analyzed activities with comparable requirements.