Activities with macu4.

Check out the modules for macu4™ Explorer and learn more about what you can do with these modules.

Your activity. Your style.

With the macu4™ Explorer, you can practice your favorite activities and discover new things. Become an explorer and enjoy the moment. macu4 is your new creative solution of a forearm prosthesis. What are you interested in? Choose your favorite activity.


with the Bike Module.

Riding a bike is a basic need for many people. It is a very diverse activity. It can be done indoors (eg. Spinning) and outdoors, be for sports or a means of transportation.


with the Twin Module.

Kayaking brings you incredible glimpses of nature, discovering abandoned shores and breathtaking views into the distance but also to places you can’t easily see otherwise.


with the Twin Module.

Workout with the fitness band or cable machine is aimed at the whole body load. Popular exercises involve training the chest, back, shoulder and arm muscles.

Playing tennis

with the Ball Module.

During tennis, several muscle groups are trained at the same time. The focus is on coordination and motor skills, while at the same time improving comprehension and concentration.

Arch shooting

with the Twin Module.

Whether playful or professional sport, it’s all about precision. Archery is a quiet sport that requires above all good coordination skills, patience, mental strength and enjoyment.

Creating sand-castles

with the Swim Module.

Building sandcastles has a tradition among young and old. A mixture of shoveling, shaping and tapping wet sand. Whether on the beach or in the sandbox at home, in good or bad weather.

Horse riding

with the Twin Module.

For horse lovers, riding is a great sport. The horse is something like a gym on four legs for its rider, providing a muscle workout from head to toe.

The macu4™ Explorer System.


It is a passive functional forearm prosthesis created together for and with users. It is lightweight, modular, and affordable. With one single system exploring several activities.