Explorer | Socket

A lightweight and air-permeable 3D printed prosthetic socket custom-made for the forearm. Personalised by means of simple and time-saving measurement.

Lynk | Cover (for Cuff)

Can be used with the Lynk Cuff. Intuitive magnet-based fastening mechanism. Integrated lacing system to adjust the fit of the cuff on the arm at your own discretion. Simple method to adjust the cuff to individual needs depending on activity.

Lynk | Cover Protective Foam

Replacement material for your Lynk Cover. Compatible with all Lynk Cover sizes

Lynk | Cuff

A lightweight and user friendly cuff for the forearm. Adaptable to your arm. Check the cuff-arm interface with the help of macu4 or a specialist. Simple and time-saving method to determine the correct product size.

Lynk | Cuff Protective Foam

Replacement material for your Lynk Cuff. Compatible with the corresponding Lynk Cuff size