Swimming – Your activity?

Swimming is a healthy workout for any age – a holistic workout where you can determine the intensity of your workout.

Your activity. Your style.

Get inspired by other users’ impressions and experiences while enjoying swimming with their macu4™ Explorer System.

Lisa is a macu4™ Explorer Swim User and 7 years old.

Lisa is a big fan of swimming. She has discovered the Swim Module as a super tool for herself and enjoys it.

Experience reports from users.

It’s not so much about the macu4™ Explorer System, but what it does for you. Learn more about what other users have experienced and how the macu4 Explorer module was developed.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

With the Swim Module, it was important to design a shape that could displace water, allow water to enter and exit it, and also offer it in a smaller size.