Self-measurement at home.

When you want to buy directly from macu4, you can take the measurements from your arm yourself. Your self-measurement takes place in only 6 main steps and at home.

Easy self-measurement at home.

Get familiar with the process – the short intro video guides you through it. Get started here.

Let’s create together your macu4™ Explorer system!

Register & Inform

As a user, you create a free account in our online configurator. Then, you make an appointment for a video call with macu4. In the meantime, you will receive further information about the macu4™ Explorer System.
Measure & Configure

macu4 will guide you through the process of measuring your arm. You will first receive an explanation on how to take 3 pictures of your arm, which you will send us before the appointment. The measurement will be extracted directly from the photos. macu4 will help you with the configuration during a video call.
Order & Pay

When everything is configured and you agree with the products, you complete your order with online payment. macu4 produces your personalized prosthesis and sends it directly to your home.
Test & Use

Once your macu4™ Explorer is shipped, you make a second appointment for a video call. The purpose of this call is to confirm that your system is complete and that any questions you may have about the applications are fully answered.

Get here some important documents!

Measurement Instructions

Measurement Instructions

Get familiar with the process - the short guide explains each step.


Print-Out Template

Print the template for the self-measurement. Pay attention to the paper format.

Bandage Support

Bandage Support

By using a bandage you can apply more pull forces on your socket system.