Your macu4™ Explorer modules.

Do you have an active lifestyle and like to move? That’s where your macu4™ Explorer system comes in, with its modularity and numerous activity modules. Are you curious and want to know more?

Your activity. Your module.

Keep it simple but functional – one system and many possibilities. As a user you have the possibility to use it according to your needs. Check out the modules for macu4™ Explorer and learn more about what you can do with these modules.
Ball Module.

Ball Module.

Use it if you are looking for an easy way to pick up and throw a ball for certain ball sports. The module works with everything from ping pong to tennis balls. Some also use it for badminton.

Bike Modul

Bike Module.

Use it if you want more balance for your bike or scooter ride. Thanks to the flexible insert, the module fits on different handlebars. Ride curves comfortably, thanks to the built-in joint.

Twin Modul

Twin Module.

Use it if you want to grab / fix a bar or rope, e.g. for training with the kayak or in the gym. Align the module orientation to your needs and decide when it should move flexibly.

Swim Module

Swim Module.

Use it if you want to practice your preferred swimming style with a "paddle-like" aid. You can orient the Swim Module in different ways for different swimming styles.

Why macu4™ and what is different?

The different benefits of macu4™.



Better access! We address the need for affordable prosthetics through our software approach and 3D printing. That's how we lower costs and thus improve access to prosthetics in the case of self-funding.


Less weight! Due to the special construction, the system is robust and yet light - your macu4™ Explorer system weighs less than 300g on average.


Just the way you like it! Find your favorite color combination for your macu4™ Explorer - in the macu4™ online configurator you can configure your system.


Less sweating! Your macu4™ Explorer is manufactured using a 3D printing process. This in combination with the new design approach allows a perforated shaft structure. This enables heat to be dissipated.

Customize your new companion.

Easy and fast – This is how you get your macu4 Explorer! Register, measure, configure and order.


To configure your macu4™ Explorer, contact your prosthetist. If you are a self-payer, you can take the measurements from your arm yourself. Your self-measurement takes place in only 6 main steps and at home. Get familiar with the process – the short intro video guides you through it. Get started here.

Online configuration

To configure your product, consult your prosthetist. If you are a self-payer, you can as well create your personal macu4 account and purchase directly in the online shop. Here you see the prices and manage your order. Once you have access to your macu4 account, get familiar with the self-measurement process to get started with the configuration.