Horse riding – Your activity?

For horse lovers, riding is a great sport. The horse is something like a gym on four legs for its rider, providing a muscle workout from head to toe.

Your activity. Your style.


Get inspired by other users’ impressions and experiences while training with their macu4™ Explorer System.

Saskia is a macu4™ Explorer Bike User and 6 years old.

Saskia loves horses and so riding is an important sport for her. She can hook the reins into the module and thus now sit upright above all.

Experience reports from users.

It’s not so much about the macu4™ Explorer System, but what it does for you. Learn more about what other users have experienced and how the macu4 Explorer module was developed.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

It was important to include several functions in a single module. But thanks to the intensive cooperation with various testers it was possible.