The Ball Module.

Your Ball module gives you an assistance in certain ball sports, e.g. to pick up a ball from the ground, to hold it and throw a ball.

The Ball Module Design.

Use the Ball Module if you are looking for an easy way to pick up and throw a ball for certain ball sports. The module works with everything from ping pong to tennis balls. Some also use it for badminton.

Module Function No. 1

The Ball module is shaped like an oval shell. This makes it easy to hold a ball, i.e., a PingPong or Tennis ball.

Module Function No. 2

The Ball module is shaped like a fork in the front area. This makes it easier to pick up a ball from the ground.

Module Function No. 3

You can easily align the Ball module with the help of the shaft ring as you need it for your activity.

The macu4™ Explorer System.

It is a passive functional forearm prosthesis created together for and with users. It is lightweight, modular, and affordable. With one single system exploring several activities.

macu4™ Explorer with Ball Module.

macu4™ Explorer without Spacer

macu4™ Explorer with Spacer

Module variants.

  • Couple and un-couple the module to your shaft as you wish.
  • Choose the module in the size Standard or Small.
  • Configure the module with required length difference.
  • Choose the module with an M12 x 1.5 or a 1/2″-20 UNF thread.
  • Design the module with the color combination that suits you best.

Create your Ball module!

Your activity. Your style.

You can easily purchase your macu4™ Explorer activity modules directly in our online store or through your prosthetist. Choose the color combination that suits you best for your macu4™ Explorer.

Discover more modules!

Bike Module.

Bike Module.

Use it for more balance on your bike or scooter. Thanks to the flexible insert, the module fits on different handlebars. Ride curves comfortably, thanks to a built-in joint.

Twin Module.

Twin Module.

Use the Twin Module when you want to grab / fix a bar or rope, e.g. for training with the kayak or in the gym. Align the module orientation to your needs and decide when it should move flexibly.

Swim Module.

Swim Module.

Use the Swim Module if you want to practice your preferred swimming style with a "paddle-like" aid. You can orient the Swim Module in different ways for different swimming styles.